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Alfa Technology
Alfa Technology

Allfa Romeo's history and our future are steeped in the innovative use of emerging technology and immaculate design that have been blended to create the visually stunning and often groundbreaking vehicles in our range.

Within this section we have detailed some of the most interesting facts and information including; our new models, concept cars, the technology involved in designing and building our cars plus all the technology that goes into the cars to help you get the most out of them from safety systems and engine systems designed to keep you safer through to our incredible new multiJet Diesel engines that make it even more practical and affordable to own an Alfa Romeo.

In 1918, there was no demand for Romeo's products as the war had ended. Cars were in short supply and the car market was booming. Romeo turned to car production and managed to produce cars from 1914 parts stored during the outbreak of war. However, new designs and marketing strategies were badly needed. A new name was also needed as A.L.F.A was outdated. Romeo was linked with heavy industrial engineering with no significance to car buyers. Nicola Romeo found the perfect solution by combining the links of the past with the future as part of an engineering group well respected for its high quality and efficiency. Thus, Alfa Romeo of Milan was born.
Driving Pleasure

Whether it is the latest generation Twin Spark 16V, a direct injection 2.0 JTS or a V6 24-valve, car enthusiasts can always count on an Alfa Romeo engine.

Our innovative architecture gives a tremendous amount of power and elasticity even at low speeds, and performance in terms of torque and output are amongst the best in every category because of our complete range of engine capacities .

JTS (Jet Thrust Stoichiometric)
Twin Spark Engine
V6 24V Engine
* Specifications shown here may vary from country to country.