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Alfa Design
The Style Center

Located in the Portello area of Milan from the early post-war years until July 1989, before being moved to its present location in industrial complex, the Alfa Romeo Style Centre is both the heart and the historic core of the brand. Here, the style and culture that are part and parcel of the world-famous Alfa Romeo brand are safeguarded, handed down over time and built upon.

Tradition and memory, but also creativity, an engineering culture and dynamic design sum up the philosophy that leads to the creation of new stylistic forms. 70 specialists, including designers and craftsmen, are the brains and the brawn behind the creation of the new Alfa Romeo models.

The Alfa Romeo Style Centre is one of the most modern in the world and has an integrated structure that combines all the various stages that go into the creation of a new car. Right from the initial concept to marketing the final product, all the stages of a project are conducted using the very latest technological know-how.

The Advanced Design department of the Alfa Romeo Style Centre is where new ideas are generated, and Italy, and more particularly Milan, is the ideal setting for those ideas to take shape. As a crossroads for new trends in fashion and design, Milan is a veritable hotbed of new ideas. A fertile breeding-ground for the generation of innovative solutions and development of new concept cars.

Anyone getting behind the wheel of an Alfa Romeo must feel completely at home. An almost fanatical attention to detail is brought to the exclusive functionality of the build. Steering wheel, gear lever, air vents, displays, knobs, and switches... every detail and finishing touch is the result of precise, detailed and refined design.
Looking to the future

Alfa Romeo is constantly at the heart of innovation and strives for excellence in all of the models we produce. Most recently this can be seen in the stunning new Alfa Brera, which stole the show at the Geneva Motorshow in March 2005; the new Alfa 147 and of course in the gorgeous Alfa GT, the spacious coupe launched in 2004. From our historic past, into the 21st Century and beyond even, the name of Alfa Romeo will always be synonymous with passion, performance, and above all style.
Unmistakable lines

Soft yet muscular styling. Beauty, strength and seductive forms. You can recognise Alfa Romeo's personality instantly.

The past comes to life again with surprising and contemporary references, as in the Alfa 147 with its radiator grille that is reminiscent of the legendary 2500 Villa d'Este. Prominent bumpers and only the front handle visible gives the Alfa 156 the look of a coupé. The comfort of a station wagon with the personality of a sports car: that's the Alfa Sportwagon. Then there is the distinctive hood and tail of the Alfa 156. A profile diving forward, achieved by the deep grooving running along the entire side and sweeping towards the tail: a sleek design for the Spider and GTV. And the GTA's benefit from a stylistic heritage all of their own.